Tuesday, March 11, 2008

DesignerVista 1.2 Released - The GUI Prototype Design Tool for Windows and Web

Mar 11, 2008 Los Angeles, United States.

DesignerVista Soft LLC is pleased to announce the release of DesignerVista version 1.2.

Designed to work on Microsoft Windows XP/Vista, DesignerVista is a rapid GUI Prototype design tool for project managers, business analysts, consultants, usability engineers, team leads and software developers. DesignerVista software helps you to create GUI design, GUI mockup design, GUI screenshot, GUI prototype and Simple Web Page prototype design. You can save all the designs as HTML files and easily distribute to your team members.

  • Project Managers and Enterprise Architects can quickly prototype Microsoft Office Style GUI screens. DesignerVista helps you to develop clear GUI designs, which will reduce problems and rework later in the project. Less rework results in shorter development cycles and lower costs.
  • Business Analysts can create application GUI mockup designs, duplicate, change and distribute as HTML files.
  • Software Developers and Team Leads can easily design GUI Dialogs and Forms upfront before they start writing code. It is easier to modify the GUI design than changing the code. Design what you want without the restrictions of any development environment such as Microsoft Visual Studio.NET, IntelliJ, Eclipse etc.
  • Web Developers and Web Designers can quickly create web page prototype design rather than spending more time on changing HTML code.
    You can design Windows XP/Vista GUI screens, Web GUI Screens and Custom GUI screens and all in one package.

    DesignerVista 1.2 is updated with more Windows XP/Vista controls, Web controls, Web Buttons and many toolbar icons for creating Windows GUI Prototype Designs and Web Page Prototype designs.

    If you are a software professional who wishes to simplify the GUI Prototype design process for your projects and applications, DesignerVista is a good fit for you.

    DesignerVista 1.2 costs $79.99(US) for a personal license and $129.99 for a commercial license.

    For more information and to download the evaluation copy, visit our website http://www.designervista.com/.


    Kumaravel Somasundaram

Friday, February 1, 2008

Easy GUI Prototype Design Software for Windows and Web

DesignerVista, a GUI Prototype design software for Windows and Web, is a flexible, feature-rich and affordable solution for Project Managers, Business Analysts, Developers and Web Designers who wish to design their own graphical user interfaces for their projects and communicate with their development team effectively.

Though the XHTML/CSS design standard and XML have made it easy to separate code from design in instances where a designer and programmer are working together on a project, there are times when Project Managers, Business Analysts and Developers, would like to design their own graphical user interfaces (GUIs) for enterprise applications, Desktop applications and Internet/Intranet applications. DesignerVista was created to make that process as simple as possible, while remaining affordable and flexible to meet the demands of Project Managers, Business Analysts and Developers.


Those software professionals who have used Microsoft Visio or Adobe Photoshop know that these are powerful, yet expensive programs. DesignerVista is a low-cost, powerful alternative to these programs, and can help you accomplish the same GUI Prototype design goals with a simpler learning curve and general ease of use.

Among the most sought-after features of DesignerVista are Pattern Background Support, which allows users to switch backgrounds without the need to perform graphic design functions, Shape Shadow and Pattern Lines, which allow designer/programmers to utilize shapes, shadows and lines (dotted, dashed, solid, etc.) in their designs, again without the need for graphic design, and easy Image Resizing, to change the size of the images to be used in any given design.

Upon completing a design in the DesignerVista program, the work can be exported as an HTML file, ready to be distributed, and screenshots of the design can easily be created as .gif, .jpg and .png images. Going from coding to design to launch has never been easier than with DesignerVista.

If you are a software professional who wishes to simplify the GUI Prototype design process for your projects and applications, DesignerVista is a good fit for you. To download a free 20-day trial version of DesignerVista, click http://www.designervista.com/download.html. Thereafter, if you wish to purchase this powerful software, the special introductory rate of $79.99 will be available for a limited time.

Thursday, January 31, 2008

DesignerVista 1.0 Released

DesignerVista 1.0 Released - The GUI Design tool for Windows

DesignerVista Soft is pleased to announce the release of DesignerVista verison 1.0. DesignerVista is a Graphic User Interface design tool (GUI Design) for Software Professionals, Analysts, Consultants, Usability Engineers and Project Managers.

Key Features

  • Visual Editor for creating GUI Design, GUI Mockups, Screenshots, Desktop GUI Prototypes and Simple Web Page Prototypes.

  • Easy to distribute as HTML files.

  • Easy and intuitive to use, powerful and productive.

  • Quickly prototype multiple alternatives for evaluation.
    Easier to duplicate, change and distribute than paper and pencil designs.

  • Visual design without coding is accessible to everyone.

  • Design what you want without the restrictions of any development environment.

    Please visit http://www.designervista.com/for more information about features, screenshots and demos of DesignerVista.
  • You can download free 20-days trial version.