Saturday, January 24, 2009

DesignerVista 2.0 Released - The GUI Mockup/Prototype Design Software

DesignerVista is a powerful, easy to use GUI prototype design software. You can quickly create GUI Prototype Designs of Windows XP/Vista applications, Websites and Web Applications. DesignerVista is very intutive. No Coding or GUI Design experience is required.

Key Features

Quickly Design Microsoft Office Style GUI screens
  • You can easily create screenshots of Microsoft Office Style GUI Application, Ribbon Controls, Wizards, Dialogs and Forms. DesignerVista uses native UI components, very close to the final result after coding.

  • Quickly Prototype Web Page UI Screens

  • Quickly build prototype screens for web apps to design and explain requirements to your offshore team and to clients.

  • Creating screens for web apps is matter of minutes and they look very professional.

Slide show and Wireframing
Slide show and Wireframing features of DesignerVista puts the control in your hands to create great looking and high-impact presentations.

Copy GUI designs into another application
You can easily copy and paste GUI designs as images into another
application such as Microsoft PowerPoint, Word, Paint programs etc.

Easily distribute designs as HTML files.
You can create GUI prototype designs, duplicate, change and distribute as
HTML files.

Quickly Insert Text Without Typing
On a single mouse click, you can insert and layout unlimited paragraphs, sentences and words(lorem ipsum) without typing.

Save Time and Money
  • You can create GUI prototype design before start writing code.

  • It is easier to modify the GUI design than changing the code.

  • DesignerVista Software helps you to develop clear GUI designs, which will reduce problems and rework later in the project. Less rework results in shorter development cycles and lower costs.

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