Friday, May 3, 2013

Microsoft Dynamics NV GUI Mockups

Microsoft Dynamic NAV is a enterprise resource planning(ERP) software system for small to medium size companies. It is easy to configure, implement and use. The software system helps you to make smart decisions and increases productivity.

DesignerVista is a GUI mockup software supports to design GUI mockups of Microsoft Dynamics NAV screens such as Role Center, Navigation Window, List Places, Departments List and Tasks Windows etc.

The following are the screenshots of mockups designed using DesignerVista software.

Role-center GUI Mockup Screen

List Places GUI Mockup Screen

Departments GUI Mockup Screen

Tasks GUI Mockup Screen

DesignerVista Software Application GUI for designing Microsoft Dynamics NV GUI Mockups


  1. Download and Install DesignerVista Software from  download page.
  2. Download the  Microsoft Dynamics NV GUI Mockups Templates
  3. Run DesignerVista Software
  4. Select Website GUI Mockup as as shown above.
  5. Open the downloaded template file.
  6. Select [ Tools | Run Wireframe ] button.

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