Thursday, January 27, 2011

Android GUI Mockups Using DesignerVista

DesignerVista is a mockup tool for designing GUI Mockups of Android Mobile Applications. With hundreds of Android UI controls and templates to choose from, you have complete freedom to design GUI mockup of Android mobile applications.

DesignerVista .NET Forms Sample GUI Mockups

With DesignerVista support for wireframing ( linking a control to a GUI design), you can show the flow of your application from one screen to another screen. DesignerVista is easy to use software and is the best place to start to create Android Mockups.

DesignerVista .NET Forms Sample GUI Mockups

DesignerVista can also be used for
  • Windows Desktop, .NET Forms, Java Swing, Java SWT and Microsoft Office Style Applications GUI Mockups
  • Websites, Web Applications, Silverlight, Sharepoint and YUI web applications GUI Mockups
  • iPhone, Windows Phone 7 and Android Mobile Applications GUI Mockups
  • Desktop and Web sketch GUI Mockups

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