Monday, July 18, 2011

Dialog GUI Mockups using DesignerVista Sketch GUI Mockups

In addition to huge number of controls and GUI designs templates, DesignerVista GUI Mockups software supports user to Mockup Dialog GUI in just couple of clicks. We will show you how easy it is to design the following Dialog GUI mockup using this DesignerVista GUI Mockup software.

 1. Select Sketch GUI Mockup Product 
If you haven't installed DesignerVista GUI Mockup software, please download it from

Run Designervista application and select Desktop Sketch product.

2. Select Login Dialog from System Templates
  • Select [Tools | System Templates...] menu item
  • System Templates dialog will be displayed.
  • Select Application Dialogs Login Dialog item   

3. Login Dialog 
A login dialog gui mockup will be included in your document.

4. Customize Dialog
You can customize window and other controls in this dialog as per your requirements.

You can purchase DesignerVista GUI Mockup Software for $79.99

Download this example to design Dialog GUI Mockups using DesignerVista software.

About DesignerVista Soft
DesignerVista is a leading provider of GUI Mockup solutions for Desktop, Web and Mobile applications. DesignerVista products include GUI Mockup Applications, Professional Stock Icons, Seamless Texture Backgrounds and ClipArt images.

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