Thursday, April 18, 2013

DesignerVista 6.0 Released

We are pleased to announce the release of DesignerVista Version 6.0. DesignerVista Software is a mockup tool to design GUI mockups of Desktop, Web and Mobile applications. All in one product suite.

In addition to the existing features and functionalities, DesignerVista version 6.0 is released with the following new products, features and enhancements.

New Products

  • Blackberry Sketch Mockup
  • iPhone Sketch Mockup 
  • Windows Phone 8 Sketch Mockup
  • Android sketch Mockup
  • Flowchart sketch Mockup
  • UML, Booch, ER and OMT Sketch Mockup


  • Improved Application UI with Windows 8 look and feel 
  • Updated controls and templates for Windows 8 and Office 2013 ribbon style mockup designs
  • Added more website templates and themes
  • Updated iPhone with iPad, iPod and Safari GUI Mockup controls and templates
  • Updated Windows Phone with Tablet and Windows 8 GUI Mockup controls and templates
  • Updated Android UI with Tablet controls and templates
  • Added Blackberry UI with Smart Phones and Tablet controls and templates
  •  Added Flowchart Mockup controls and templates
  • Added UML/Booch/ER/OMT Mockup controls and templates
  • Added Basic Flowchart, Cause and Effect, Fish bone diagram, SWOT analysis, Venn diagram, Network,
  • Organization Chart, Project Management Templates in Flowchart mockups.
  • Added controls and templates to design class diagrams, activity diagrams, sequence diagrams and deployment diagrams for UML mockups.
  • Added controls and templates to design Booch, ER and OMT diagrams   


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About DesignerVista Soft
DesignerVista is a leading provider of GUI Mockup solutions for Desktop, Web, Mobile applications, Flowchart and UML mockups.

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