Wednesday, November 19, 2014

JarNavigator 1,0 Released - Jar Viewer Tool

We are pleased to announce the release of JarNavigator 1.0. JarNavigator is a Jar Viewer tool to view the Java classes and their relationships with other classes, interface and enums. It is the easiest way to view classes, methods, properties, etc. inside a jar file.

JarNavigator tool helps you to view, navigate and search Java class files, meta data and other resources(text, images, etc.) stored in a jar file.

Key Features

  • Auto generate UML class diagram for any class
  • Decompiles class file into java source structure
  • Find class, method and field by name
  • Navigate across classes, interfaces and enums
  • Unpack a jar file and Create a new Jar file(Jar and Unjar)
  • Supports jar,war,ear,har,sar and zip file formats
  • Standalone application. No IDE is required.

Download JarNavigator Software

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